We are a Non-Denominational church committed to teaching the whole bible, spending time digging deeper into The Word, Prayer, helping homeless, widows, and foster kids, and connecting with each other through meals, fellowship, and service projects in the community. 

   We believe in salvation (Rom 10:9) the Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongues, lifting hands in praise and worship, fellowshipping, taking care of widows, prayer, healing, being real in our relationship with God, not being just Sunday Christians, sermons that are convicting and not just feel good fluffy stuff, and there's always an invitation for salvation and baptism. 

  Since prayer is an important key to hearing from God and breaking through struggles, we have made a point to include prayer before services and every Tuesday for a prayer service.

The biggest thing that we try to focus on is making people feel welcome and showing them the love of Christ. 

  We were given a little congregation that is growing, we know God is in control!! We are pretty small (around 25 people)....for now!! We are all learning the true meaning of "Walking In Faith".

Hope you get a chance to visit, we are looking forward to meeting you!!